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Our Services

Quality Pharmaceutical Products

Provide your patients with outstanding health care services by ensuring that the treatments you use are safe and effective. We are here to support you with emergency medication 24/7. Get quality medical products at competitive prices with United Care Pharmacy!


United Care Pharmacy provides cost-efficient long-term care and pharmaceutical services. Our company works with numerous long-term care facilities in Kent, WA to provide quality health care services. 

Free and timely same day delivery

United Care Pharmacy offers free and timely same day delivery services to our customers in health care facilities and families in Kent, WA and surrounding areas. Contact us today for details or to schedule your delivery service.

Multi-dose Blister Pack

Our Multi-dose Blister Pack places all routine medication into an easy-to-use blister pack. Labeled with date and times to simplify the process of medication administration. This will prevent and reduce the percentage of mistakes throughout daily operations.

If you have a number of prescribed medications but you find it difficult to keep track of what medication you need to take and when, we will offer you a Multi-dose repackaging for free!

Immunization Services

We offer a variety of immunizations. Some of the vaccinations we offer are:

  • Flu vaccines

  • Vaccines required before entering school

  • A vaccine to prevent pneumonia

  • A vaccine to prevent shingles

We will send highly qualified staffs to your home once a year to easily administer these immunizations. Contact us today for more information.

CE/CPR Training Classes

CPR/CE classes available. Visit here or contact us today to inquire!

Limited time offer: Up to 40% discount for caregivers. Free for providers.

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